adato.CTC (CTC = call traffic control) is our intelligent system for the central control of incoming calls within a contact centre structure. Contrary to traditional systems, the assignment is made on the basis of actually available free agents and not by repeated delivery attempts to potential recipients. A call is only put through if an employee can actually receive the call in the corresponding contact centre. The light for this recipient is then green. If no employee is available, the light for this contact centre is red. No delivery attempt is therefore made. For the caller, this means greatly reduced waiting times without tedious line noise. The service performance of the contact centres involved is significantly increased at the same time.

  • Central control of several decentral contract centres
  • Assignment of calls is carried out by web-based services
  • Real-time information of employees currently available
  • Secure delivery of the calls via a web service interaction
  • Reporting of the complete history of all placing steps
  • Simple connection to a data warehouse
  • Simple technical connection to all telephone systems with a DB / API interface
  • No loss of calls for problems of a service provider