With adato.CRM you are close to your customers. The software allows an efficient and flexible recording and maintenance of all customer data. At the same time, adato.CRM organises the smooth documentation of customer contacts, including the planning and processing of resubmissions. The result is a simple and efficient customer lifecycle management, which integrates all your customer data sources and enables you to securely manage the customer history. Thanks to the intuitive operation and the free configurability of all functions of this lean CRM tool, adato.CRM is also suitable for any kind of case-related processing of contacts. The easy setup and the nearly maintenance-free operation ensure maximum productivity at agent level.

  • Recording customer data and creating / processing resubmissions
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Complete contact history, including planning future dates and project phases
  • Recording all channels such as telephone, e-mail or fax
  • Integration of other customer system data, such as ticket systems or web shop environments