avocis is one of the three largest customer service providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2010 it reached 180 million euro sales, and it has 6,500 employees working on 14 sites in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It provides a wide range of customer interaction services to international customers active in industries such as banking & insurance, telecommunications & media, energy, trade and healthcare.

Altitude and avocis: a solid partnership

Altitude uCI was first deployed at avocis’ adm group in 2007, powering a customized contact centre solution for 600 agents to service major German telco T-com’s hotline. The installation was completed in a record 20 days. This early business success led to the increased use of the Altitude uCI solution at other group companies and operations. In March 2011, avocis selected the Altitude uCI suite to be deployed as the standard customer interaction management solution in all avocis subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Today, over 3,000 agents are working with the Altitude uCI contact center suite together with Altitude vBox, Altitude’s SIP-based Communications solution.

“The flexibility and low total cost of ownership of Altitude uCI enabled us to build standard services integrating existing Adato – our IT services company - developments and frameworks”, states Michael König, Information Systems Director for Germany at avocis. “We will also start to use the new Altitude uCI8, exploring its new unified workflow capabilities in our business process outsourcing companies.”

Better managing the agents’ intraday work

Arcadia is the name of avocis’ internal IT project aiming at standardizing and consolidating IT processes throughout all the company’s subsidiaries. One of the main objectives of the project is to analyse and improve the way avocis manages the agents’ outbound intraday work with Altitude Software as consolidated platform. Therefore avocis needed to be able to monitor the activity of different sites from one centralized point.

Adato, avocis’ IT services company, built on Altitude uSupervisor a great tool to perform such cross-site monitoring. It analyses and extrapolates campaign parameters such as customers’ compliance constraints, the number of addresses, the number of calls performed, or call durations. By linking that information with the agents intraday planning, avocis’ “multi-site campaign management team” is able to monitor the overall performance of a remote site, allowing for more effectively planning of agents’ work and for actions to be dispatched between sites. For instance, when the reachability of contacts is declining, the system may conclude that the campaign is coming to an end. Based on that information, the site manager can decide to close the campaign or to switch it to another address pool.
The tool also allows for intraday planning consolidation through the different sites, as all agents are applying the same guidelines and restrictions. Furthermore, it offers powerful predictive analysis capabilities, making it possible to react in advance and to effectively and consistently plan campaigns. Managers also know exactly how many agents will work on a specific campaign and for how long, and are able to better allocate employee resources.

Balancing the workload between avocis’ sites

“It is important to note that this tool allows us to manage the parameters of the calling processes, but not to decide the agents’ allocation”, explains Michael König. “You can compare this system with a fire alarm. It reports problems, while the site manager decides how to respond to it appropriately. It’s all about balancing the calls between our different sites, anticipating issues and having a consistent view on the overall activity of one site.”
The tool was built on Altitude uSupervisor, Altitude’s state-of-the-art supervision and management tool that manages, monitors, and allows real-time, as well as historical, reporting of multimedia customer interactions. “Altitude is not only an excellent technology to build on. Their teams were also involved in the whole designing process, and I have to say that they have an open mind when it comes to the customer needs. This is the perfect example of a very positive collaboration.”

As this cross-site management tool has to fit in other IT consolidation projects, avocis is planning a phased rollout. For the moment, three of their 14 sites are using it with very positive results. avocis is now hoping to rapidly expand it to other locations.